Computerman's Generic(?) Condo

My ultra generic(?) condo that takes inspiration from Mirror’s Edge. It’s pretty generic(?).

Living room/kitchen



Band Room (Possible rename? who knows)

Garden (WIP)


The beach and garden are both WIP. A few of the images in here are my own, but most were randomly found on the internet. Removed said images in favor or prettier ones,


God this looks fantastic! How did you do the floating shelves?

Computerman, my man, this looks amazing!

I put the bookshelves in the office and bedroom up back when you could place items on top of themselves due to an item placement bug. I’m pretty sure you could just as easily do it by building a makeshift pile, placing the item, then getting rid of the pile.

And here I thought I was being original with the floaty bookshelves :cry:
Now I have to figure out something else

Enter the future of Condo designers


I think you need to look up the definition of generic, because this is more than generic, this is an amazing work of art. When I get my computer built, I think I’ll have to take some ideas from you.

Also, can I have the link to the first, fourth, and fifth pictures in this screenshot?

And then the third picture in this screenshot.

I stole the city picture idea and placed it in my condo.

thank you

I’m loving that red theme!

I come back after a week long hiatus to see that people are enjoying my condo. Thanks, guys, it really means a lot.

Kinda off topic here, but is there any known way to get rid of the unit count and cursor as of now? I kinda want to make these into wallpapers.

Also, @Jordan:

Unfortunately, the last image you requested seems to be taken down. Sorry about that.

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As of right now, i don’t think there’s a hide HUD key.
Also, save all of the pictures you use for canvases on your pc, in case any ever go down, so that you can easily upload them to imgur if needed.
Side note, i just went through my condo backing everything up to be sure aswell. I had a lot, but i was still missing a lot of things,

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I should have done that, had the idea but then decided against it. Whoops.

There’s still time to get everything that’s still up. Just do CTRL+A CTRL+C on all your canvases, and then paste it into a browser.

I command this thread to rise from its grave.

The band room was originally a theater room, but it looked so bad and was so impractical that I sealed it off from the public eye while I redid it. For this room, I tried going for a mix between jazz cafe and one of those hole-in-the-wall clubs that wannabe rockstars perform on because they have nowhere else that will except them (nailed it!). I tried to keep the red theme going in here, but I may experiment with the lighting a bit more and maybe make this room an exception.

The garden was an interesting case, as I had absolutely no idea what to do with it and more or less wished it didn’t exist in the first place. The patio was inspired by @Jesusfreak. I plan to do a bit more work on this area then I’ll continue onto the beach.


Remade the patio with concrete building panels instead of wood ones. Added a hammock (not shown). Probably going to add one more thing in the Garden then I will consider it complete.


image is rip

Oh yeah, forgot that my Imgur account died. Fixing…

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