Complete control over what enters your condo

Tired of pesky mosquitoes, beggars and Jehovah’s witnesses showing up at your condo uninvited?
Well, they should fix that!
Give us the option of adding some sort of rules list for our condos:
-Jetpacks in my condo? No please, I don’t want you to cheat my maze… Same goes for any wearable you don’t want in your condo.
-Screaming brats @ your party? Mute them inside your condo only (or maybe add them to a ballpit just for them to speak each other :3)/Mute everyone on entry… Silent party, wooo!
-No admittance under X age (only players with confirmed age can enter your area [see second life]).
-No admittance under/over X height… Midget reunion, anyone?

  • Etc…

EDIT: White lists too, maybe?


Someone doesn’t like fun.

In all seriousness, though, strict condo settings would be a great addition.

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I want my fucking ball pit.


YESSS there’s nothing worse than watching a movie in my condo and having people walk in and micspam. I’d love a text-only option. :grin:

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Make that a suggestion, I want one!

b-but the collisions… t-the lagg

Water with texture of balls.

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UE4 is a lot more powerful than you think.

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I think someone already done this idea.

There is always a work around as well.

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Since when did Jehovah’s witnesses showing at virtual world preach about their religion?
You can’t ban people wardrobe even if they have a jetpack.The people could create multiple account with different age.There no way of spotting some one real age.

I apologize for the impoliteness. This is probably the most dumb thing I’ve ever heard. Why ban someone from your condo for just expressing themselves?

Also, to this entire idea. You do realize that there is a “ban from condo” button, right (I know it’s not in the current version, but it’s in GMT)? This entire idea is really hostile… But I do want a ball pit…

(I know I liked the thread, but that was before when I thought this was a good idea)

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I also do apologize for the impoliteness, but where in the this thread is a “ban from the condo” suggestion?
People are free to enter MY condo at anytime under MY rules. That’s what it’s suggested here…
I hope I made things clearer.

-You’re a smart one, aren’t you? Go watch some comedy before engaging in actual healthy conversations.
-I can interdict them from entering the condo if they are wearing a jetpack, that is, if this suggestion is accepted.
-They can fake their age the very same way I can buy a fake ID from China to get boze before reaching 21. Welcome to the real world!

I Don’t Watch any comedy :unamused:
The drink age in China is 18.

I do understand that, but it feels really hostile towards other players. Especially for something as simple as clothing… Here is a situation:
“Oh. I want to go to this party that this guy is hosting. Huh? The door won’t open for me? What? I can’t go because of this hat I’m wearing and because my character is short? Well wtf?”

I honestly don’t think something like this will be implemented.

Who said anything about drinking…?


Well I wasn’t really aiming for hats and stuff, I was thinking about stuff like jetpacks, particle effects, punchers and other possible annoying/unwanted stuff in your condo…
Like I said, I have a full maze in my current condo and it only makes sense that I should be able to ban jetpacks from at least the maze area. People like to cheat it

You really should! It’s more important to understand it than you might think.

Then put a roof over your maze.

Prop limit.

I’m sure there won’t be a prop limit in Tower Unite. If there is, it’ll probably be insainly high.

We can only hope so…