Complaints: Exploding Pumpkin Head Jerks in ZM

Personal Note: I’ve been warned by my mother since I’m smacking my own head after I keep dying constantly by these exploding pumpkin head jerks in Zombie Massacre.

I managed to play privately (alone) in ZM and dominate half of the game by running around in circle, killing monsters that chase after me while use the Doctor’s special powerup (which is the best class of them all), until I kicked the bucket constantly by these exploding pumpkin head jerks that runs faster than me and killed me in one hit KO (at every start of the round).

I hate these exploding pumpkin head jerks because they always kick the bucket on me at every time at the start of every round - I was halfway through the game!

I got surrounded by these skeletons which leads me to kick the bucket, and these werewolves that runs fast and has a larger amount of health - not the end of the world because I got bone’d by these guys who has the power of calcium - but these exploding pumpkin head jerks keeps killing me over and over with no chance to escape - I mean look how he runs faster than mine!

It’s really impossible for me to collect EXP, rank up and get all the milestones I can get. I already got the barbed baseball bat, etc etc.

I really need to rest because of these exploding pumpkin jerks that forced me to kick the bucket.

So, do you really hate of being killed constantly these exploding pumpkin head jerks in Zombie Massacre? Reply your reactions below If you have the grudge against them.

They aren’t really that hard as long as you see them coming. They actually go down fairly quick. The only time I ever get killed by them, is if they catch me off-guard. ZM requires quite a bit of situational awareness because of that. They definitely can be annoying, I’ll give you that, but you just gotta keep an eye out for them.

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If any baddie worth my anger it’s the ghost but, I will not rant here.

My advice is find a path to keep moving.
If it helps, I can play with ya snice ZM is rewarding.

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Oh yea, ghosts that throw crap at you. I hate these guys.

They really arent a problem as long as you buy the spoed upgrades and constantly move.

This. It’s crucial to never stop moving in Zombie Massacre. Stop and you’re dead. Even without the speed increase.