Compile Error: Bone Indices were Non-Contiguous

I’m trying to import a model and i’m getting an error that says “bone indices were non-contiguous”. i’ve spent a few hours trying to figure it out. it looks like the hierarchy is normal.

i tried sorting the vertex groups by hierarchy, and removing a large number of vertex groups that were not related to the TU rig. as far as i can tell i don’t see anything else too unusual in the import process. it finds all the bones, normalizes some weights, fixes a bound, and renames all the bones because blender’s put an “armature_” at the beginning. any help would be appreciated. thanks

I have this same issue and it is driving me insane. I used the blender file provided by pixeltail, just adding my model on top and then parenting them with automatic weights. I also get the “bone indices were non-contiguous” issue