Community Map Showcase

Let’s face it, as interesting and well designed as the main maps are in minigames, they do get old after a while. So how about this: every week, month, or other arbitrary period of time, a highly rated community map from the Workshop in each game world is implemented into the main, official servers. They won’t stay permanently (unless, of course, the devs decide to make it official); after the time period passes, the community maps will be rotated out for the new set. This way creators will have a chance to have their content showcased and players will constantly have a new variety of maps to play on. What do you all think?

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Definitely an interesting idea.
I feel like this would sort of suck for people with limited data plans, though.
Having to download a new map every week would be a bit much. Then again, there are games like CS: GO that have new skins and maps being pushed out every so often.

Personally, I’d like this. It gives more incentive for people to create interesting and fun maps to play on.

I think that’s a great idea, @Arkive86 !

I personally like the idea aswell, although I don’t really need incentive (me personally), as creating content is fun already :smiley:

Not a bad idea at all. What’s more, it’s really interesting. Not only the users would have more content to have fun on, but the mappers would be more stimulated to work on their creations. It could even be taken as a X Factor for mappers

Love the idea, it will give players more replayability and never make Tower “boring”. But if in a case where a new player played, lets say, Ball Race, just because of 1 or 2 community map, it could cause a problem. If the map(s) disappeared the next day, the player may have no interest in Ball Race anymore, on less… the community maps would save to your computer to play on Singleplayer or Private servers ( which would be cool :wink: ). Other than that, awesome idea!

I really like the idea as well. We could even hold competitions.

@macdguy Would there be prizes :smiley: ? (e.g. 5000 Units for 1st place, 3000 for 2nd etc.)