Community Event: E3 in TU. [Poll]


Just like pshome, the nostalgia is real


Oh wow, I remember that. I went to that both years they did it. Forgot when that was. It’s been a damn long time. That was before the PS4 came out, so, at the latest, the second one would’ve been 2013 but I think it was before that. 2011 and 2012 maybe?


Yeah it was on 2011


That’s exactly where I got the motivation from to work on this, the ps home events were amazing, I loved the ‘feva arena’ space too for the 2010 world cup!


Quick update:

Our trailer is live!

The E3 2018 Community Event will open for Press Conferences on 9th June at 11:00am PDT / 7:00pm BST.
Doors to the full event will open 12th June - 15th June.

See you there!


Nice. Trailer turned out good. At least you managed to make us not look like idiots during the soccer and basketball segments.


I’m so sad I missed out on this. I ended up being busy working during E3


I’ll be posting pictures soon, and there’s always next year =)


Yeah for sure! I was really looking forward to it too, lol. I’m sure there will be other events too


On the 12th I checked the server list and couldn’t find the condo. Was there a specific time the place was open on those days?