Community Event: E3 in TU. [Poll]


Hello TU community!

Over the last couple of days I’ve started working on an E3 arena to host a large community event from June 12th - June 15th in TU. The plan is to build something as close to the real thing as possible and have game trailers for new releases playing on media players, interactive games (like basketball & football for new sport game releases), and of course a large cinema type room for the official livestream.

Since this is such a big project and will take up a huge amount of my time over the next few weeks if it is to happen, I’d like to get your guys’ feedback as to whether you’d visit and also any ideas you might have to help improve the overall experience.

Here is a few very early WIP screenshots for reference (billboards aren’t final):

Would you guys be interested in visiting this event?[poll type=multiple min=1 max=3]

  • Yes, definitely!
  • Eh, maybe.
  • Nah.


WELL DONE! I like this idea


Amazing idea!

Everything about it would work perfectly and I hope many people come!


Very well made, Ill be sure to be there ;3


Would be nice to see some booths for the games they are gonna show.


The construction is impressive so far! That’s a neat ass idea and watching E3 streams is always funner with a crowd. Will definitely pop-in to check it out!


I will try my best to make it there!


Looks Excelent!!! nice use off The Dirt map :heart::heart::eye::eye:


Holy cow, this looks super impressive, count me in!

I’ll be there to see bayo3 :))))


I’ve been away from TU for a little while, but I’m glad to have come back to notice this! This is pretty much the sort of thing I play this game for, so I’d be very interested.


I’ll be there :>


A lot of work but a badass idea to be sure if you can pull off the different booths. I’ll definitely check it out.


About the problem with the media players.

Mac said the issues would be solved in the next update which will most likely come out before E3.

Hopefully everything works out, I’m really excited and hope the progress is going well! :smiley:


This is exactly the kind of reason i got this game! :thumbsup:

Are you gonna host this map before Tuesday, June 12 so we get a chance to visit before E3 madness?

Great work, keep up!


Was planning on hosting from June 12th - 15th but we’ll see how things pan out.
Still got a lot of prep work to do so things could change; will let you guys know either way. Thanks


Aw man, so you’re not gonna be hosting for the press conferences? That’s the main thing that I watch every year. The floor show is never as exciting as the press conferences. May have to pass on this then. I may stop by for a little bit at some point, but by the 12th, I’ll have already seen all the big reveals.


It’s a community event so I’m catering for the community. If you guys want press conferences I’ll host for them, will just have to work an extra bit harder to get everything ready for the 9th(?).


What reveals are you guys hoping for? & what booths are you hoping to see? Let me know!


Anything Nintendo releated for me.


I’m so fucking hyped for Sony’s press conference. I look forward to their conference every year. Also, to address your other post, if you need help planning, just PM me. I thoroughly plan my week out every year, so that I can see as much of the content as possible. I do tons of research into who’s streaming what and when.