Community Content

Now, I’m happy that GMT is getting its own game and all, but there is one thing that bothers me.

Will we still be able to contribute community content?

By this I mean will we be able to show off mods and maps like in the Modifications forum back in GMT.

Because recently I’ve been getting around the corner with Video Game Engines (Mostly source) and I’m not sure about unity.

####Yes we will still have community modding

Tower Unite is being built on the Unreal 4 Engine.
We’ve been working hard to maximize modding in the game.

We plan to add workshop support for custom Maps and Items shortly after we release the game.

@Zak How will the maps/items work in terms of custom servers? Will they auto-download or will you have to download them prior to joining?

Why would we not make it an auto-download? Or better, allow servers to choose whether it should be an auto-download or prior download.

What about selling scripts?

nope nope nope nope nope. oh god please no. I already hate ScriptFodder adding a business side to GMod, I’d hate to see such a thing in Tower Unite as well.

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Absolutely agreed. Remember the paid mods in Skyrim? Nothing else to say

this will totally hang on to the community side of TU as I can understand your opinion bit also xSkyer. Either way servers will have private content wich they worked verry hard on or they will sell it I also believe in free add-ons but if people put a lot of work and dedication in a gameworld let’s say it is understandable that when they release it they get something back however in the gmod community coderhire, now scriptfodder is a bit escallating cause the content they post sometimes is made with low effort

Oh it’s been awhile and I forgot it was Unreal.

Well it’s nice that we have a work shop, and I have a friends who works with Unreal 4 so it should not be a problem, thanks.

Yep, I’m thinking same. Not many moders will add their “big” scripts to steam workshop. It would be better to create official shop instead of shot websites with shit creator.

I’ve been designing the core game systems with modding in mind.
Content can be downloaded and mounted at run-time (this has been tested).

My theory for how we’ll implement this with servers is:

  • You join a server
  • The server tells your client which files it needs to download
  • A prompt appears telling you which files you need asking you to accept the download
  • Items / Maps / Gameworld Mods get downloaded and mounted on your client through steam workshop
  • If the workshop is down for some reason, a prompt will appear asking if you want to download directly from the host (slower)

This is all currently hypothetical, we’re still working on it, though I imagine this is roughly how it will work.

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only clientside files? or will there not be a server/client layer, also as I read you will need to post your custom content on the workshop or is there a way to keep them private to one server? Also keep the good work up :wink:

Yes, the files the client needs to run the game.

If you want to host a mod, you’d subscribe to it and enable it on your server (or something to that effect).

If you have things you want to keep private, then make a workshop entry that only contains the client content (we do this sort of thing for GMTower).

If you don’t want to use workshop (for whatever reason), you could host your mods on your server or on a separate file server (this would require some configuration).