Combo Condos

Okay, so, a LOT of people have really, REALLY wanted the ability to allow specific users to edit their condo. This is a huge and very important/needed aspect in a game with so much focus on social aspects and customization. Aside from being fun, it makes for some great scenarios and oppritunities.

But, like I said, this has been suggested multiple times. Don’t get ahead of me here- I’ve got somethin’ boppin.

I think it would be a crazy but super cool idea- So, as we know, condos are going to be fully-customizable and editable. What I think would be the most rad thing ever is if 2-8 (8 being max, maybe jsut restricted to 2) players could FULLY and SUPER CONFIDENTLY commit to being ‘Condomates™’. This would take both players’ condos and fuckin’ FUSE 'em.
“What are the benefits?” you may ask. Well, consider this:

Every single thing, head to toe, would be shared by both users. This means options, living space, items, etc.
The condo-building grid would be increased by fused condo (for example, two players means double the space).
Each player, when loading the condo, would create a server for that condo or, if the other player is online, would join the condo. It would be just one, larger completely-shared space for all Condomates.

Whaddaya think? I know it sounds super fuckin’ crazy, but it would be just SO NEAT if you and your friends cuold share one huge place rather than both people share build permissions with eachother.


As long as it’s possible to back out of the shared condo space and return to a personal condo, I think this is a great idea.


I’d imagine, but both players would have to agree to kill the jointed condo since the items would be redistributed and the layout would reset


Ahh! I would love this to be implemented! A few of my best friends plan on playing once more things get added so that would be really fun to design the whole place with someone. :blush:

Nooot to mention I would probably stick a random catsack on top their bed. :smile_cat:

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Yeah I’m all for this idea.

of course none of my rl friends have TU

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So basically, something on the genera of a Clan Condo? Having a kind of clan-group of people, I would actually love too see something like this in the game, as right now each one of us pretty much just has their own condo in which we barely visit each other.

That being said, although something like Clan Condos would be a neat idea, I would rather have it something more on the vein of Warframe, where each player still has their own ship, and then there are clan citadels (is that how they call it?). If a similar concept could be applied, It would allow everyone to share a space meanwhile everyone would still have their own personal space. Of course, the Clan Condo wouldn’t need to be as big as the normal condos, something more on the vein of hangouts. :smile:


In the same vein as PoliteWhale, Warframe is exactly what I thought of first when I read this. Being able to open a joint condo with a small party or couple would be ideal for making an awesome space, but having help to do so as well. I think this should definitely be considered for a future feature candidate.

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