Colorable weapons


Maybe this could be added as a part of the Upgrades Store?


i heard you talk about that during the stream, but how would it work? the halloween and normal confetti gun would get really confusing


maybe not so much plaza weapons, but maybe virus and sdnl weps? It would especially fit the slaughter day theme of a psychotic tv show if you could customize your implements of destruction.


I feel like the upgrades store is going to be the same as it was in tower. Meaning that you might buy the guns that you want to use in sdnl there. Maybe they will make it so you can customize it as well


In SDNL you pick weapons off the ground like Quake instead of having to buy them with units.


Oh so we’ll probably get skins? I’m sure they’ll use the upgrades for something


Maybe add weapon skins like CS:GO, but ofcourse buyable with the TU currency