Colorable Laser Beam for Laser Pointer Equippable

with the new improvements to the laser projector being added, it made me think of a seriously neglected item… the laser pointer … i’d really really love to see a visible beam added to the laser pointer equippable (of course with a set rendering distance and such for optimization sake)

i think it’d also be really nice if you could color the laser and change opacity like you could with the projector, you could right click the laser pointer in your hotbar, click edit, and color it/change opacity there

believe it or not i frequently use the laser pointer to actually point to stuff but… it’s quite hard when people don’t know where you’re pointing unless they see that end point light… i think a change like that would also be great for the nightclub, since players waving laser pointers totally fits the theme

i think just these two extremely simple changes could majorly improve the laser pointer and make it way more than something to sell from a summer character as currently it’s very… very useless and featureless…

I like this idea! Another idea would to have the laser pointer beam have a shape like a smile, star, skull, flower, etc. That would go great with the different color options.