Collectable Action Figures

This idea was originally suggested by MaskedKatz. I would just like to go more in depth into the idea.

So basically these figures will be around 5,000 Units.
These figures Can be based off of many things from Tower Unite like:

  • The Wind Up Dragon
  • Little Crusaders Knight
  • Infected
  • A Dinosaur
  • A Robot
    And Much More!
    Feel free to post your ideas and questions!

Eh, I’m not a huge fan of exclusivity. I’d rather they be purchasable, and if not on sale all year at certain times (but always available in the future).

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That makes sense. I’m mainly taking inspiration from things like Amiibo.It would be better if they were available at any time. But then they’d have to be Pricey (Mabye like 5K Unites)

I’m all for that idea then :slight_smile:

Time For an Edit Then!

I like the idea of having little figurines to decorate the condo with.
Slaughter Day can have weapon figurines
Virus can have infected figurines
Ballrace can have… ball figurines. Maybe cuboids, too, I guess
Accelerate can have kart figurines
Minigolf can have… golf ball figurines
Zombie Massacre can have zombie figurines
You already mentioned the Crusader figurines

yeah, man, I’d be pumped for that.

Maybe make them awards for certain milestones? Time spent in those games, maybe?

Ooh, I though of another one: a robot with metal wings. Shout out to donglekumquat.


Yep, this is what I wanted :grinning:. I wanted where there were rare items that you could actually buy (for an expensive price).
Even if you were not into collecting and displaying your rares, they could be used as normal toys, such as like army men or something similar. I would like if you pressed a certain key (Like E) while looking at the figure, it would change its position, skin, or even weapon (if there were any gameworld based figures). I want this to be a feature! :smile:

bro playstationhome had this kind of stuff.Atleast mention a collection display case for your action figures.

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I had so damn many of those things. I’d love to have this in Tower Unite.

Since we already have trophies as a thing in the current Tower, I believe they could as might give the next step and implement this as well.

I mean, it wouldn’t be that hard to make these kind of stuff. Make a wooden base, pick a model, re-size it and slap it on the wooden base. Bamn! Game Model Recycling 101.

Dude I love your ideas! Especially the Robot with wings! We should also have a Gmod Tower Figurine to honor it.

Yes. Just yes.

Although you could poke at other games aswell, such as a fallout boy statue or atleast something like it (wouldnt want to be sued. :frowning:)

@niftyrobo Great Idea, but Dont you think 5000 units is a bit much? remember 1 unit is more than 1gmt

the price is for the devs to decide if they like this idea.

I’d love to see Little Crusaders bobble heads/trophy figures.

That’s probably going to be one of my favorite game modes.

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I was working on something like this for GMTower.

It most likely will be a thing for Tower Unite sometime in the future.

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YES!! Figures Confirmed! Thanks Mac!