Coin River mis-triggering coin gun

I’ve noticed several times when playing coin river, the music that plays for the coin gun gets triggered even if not all letters have been lit up. The coin gun itself has never extended nor can be used in this situation, however it has always stopped/froze my ability to drop coins (in other words it acts like the coin gun is active when it isn’t and shouldn’t be).

EDIT: I’ve added a video link of this occurring for you to see. It took me a while to figure out it was happening so its not the best video, but at 0:10 you can hear the coin gun music start playing in the background and a shot at the end of the coin gun remaining tucked in (you also can’t see it out when the music plays, it wasn’t controllable). As evidenced from the ‘space bar’ UI lighting up on press, I was trying to shoot regular coins in this time but couldn’t.

Steps to Reproduce

Not sure how this can be reproduced, unfortunately dont have a video.

What I expected to happen

The coin gun not to be ‘triggered’.

What happened

Coin gun music and sounds were triggered when they wasn’t supposed to be (not all letters lit up), but the gun also appears frozen in its original position and couldn’t be used. This bug also freezes coin dropping at the time it occurs.

Notes / Media

I’ve noticed it has occurred mainly when the characters ‘v’ and ‘!’ haven’t been lit up but cannot say this is the only case.

video capture: coin gun mistriggering recorded with


Question: did this happen on a machine that you just entered, or was it one that you played right before?

Due the way syncing works with the coin-pushers, the game may not always light up the letters a previous player lit up. ie: if a player plays through and lights up a letter before leaving, that letter will not always be visibly lit up for you when you enter it,


This has occurred several times with me playing on the same machine right before, as well as on a completely new machine.

I can understand your reasoning for the situation you described, however, the bug seems to occur mid-game as well (even after having reset the letters previously in the same game). If not all letters are visibly lit up, and I’ve supposedly ‘reset’ them all by triggering the gun successfully, could it be that there’s something going wrong with ‘resetting’ the letters behind scenes?

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