Coin Pusher + Puzzle Game = Great potential

A thought recently crossed my mind regarding the arcade but I have a suggestion for a arcade game if you’re open for suggestions

The coin dropping ones reminded me of one particular coin pusher that I absolutely love.

It works like a regular coin pusher but there’s a screen showing a puzzle game in the middle. And whenever you drop coins into a puzzle orb, it’ll fire/load the launcher with the orb. If you can make matches, coins drop into the coin bed which add up. If you can get a streak of puzzle matches, it equals BIG coin drops

The coin dropper I’m referring to specifically is Pac-Man Ball or in Japan its known as ‘Puzzball’

Think of it like Cat Quest in the casino. Two games in one.

Also for further reference here’s some gameplay on Pac-Man Ball:

Also the music is another big thing about Pac-Man Ball…Super chill but arcade-y enough to be enjoyable. Please give it some thought and tell me what you think!