Coin Flipping

Basically what I am suggesting today is the ability to press use (E) on a quarter and flip it in place (if there are no quarters above it).

To break it down:

  • Quarters are still furniture
  • You can now press E on a quarter like you can with a die
  • The coin flips to heads, tails, or on the side in a rare occasion
    • The coin flips in place like a die rolls in place
  • You cannot flip a quarter that is under other quarters
    • This allows people to decorate with stacks of quarters still
    • It would be fun to flip over 5 quarters at a time though
    • I don’t think this part matters too much so it can be left out

Down the road:

Maybe when workshop animations are added (or if anyone from PixelTail Games is up to task, then possibly:

  • A coin flip animation
    • For those that can’t settle disputes with their friends in the plaza!
    • Flips a coin, covers with hand, and reveals a random side (heads or tails)


  • Throwable Quarter?
    • Lightly flip a coin into the air, let it land on the ground, and see the result (heads or tails)

The above two are just ideas I came up with after coming up with the initial idea to integrate coin flipping into the plaza.

This was originally posted into the Item Suggestions thread but I decided to make a whole topic for this after reading

this post (if you want this removed let me know lol).

Quarters can finally have a use!


Then, whenever the time comes that someone makes a Mikoto Misaka skin I’ll be able to live out my railgun fantasies.