Coffee as part of the Cooking Update

Perhaps you could buy things from the Fresh store as ingredients for coffee as part of the cooking update. Making coffee would be a hard process, you would have to do the following:

  • Grab a coffee pot / equip it. (Sold at Robs Imports)
  • Fill it with water from any water source (Ocean in default condo, hot tub, etc.)
  • Place it on a stove and turn it on
  • Once steam is emitting from the pot, turn off the heat and equip coffee grounds (Sold at Fresh) and press E on the pot.
  • Then pick up the coffee pot (E) and place it on a coaster.
  • Wait until the Coffee stops steaming then fill up a Plastic Cup (Sold at Robs Imports) with the Coffee Pot.

You could sell it to the Stray for 500 - 1000 units depending on how well you make it.
Or you could drink it on your own and experience status effects (Distortion, Speed, etc.) or some other benifit.

Unless you have something in mind for coffee, devs please consider this suggestion.

Does it have to be the Stray? it would make sense if you could just sell it anytime instead of having to go to the lobby and everything.

Or, you know, get water from the sink?


What are you talking about? I love my coffee with salt water


Good point.

only if I can add a lot of milk and sugar
and no reselling

I wouldn’t mind a little Runescape-y way of making units.