Coding Volume

It would be good to have a volume that accept specific pre-set coding that triggers functions of existing I/O. At the moment to do some more complex or interesting stuff in condos, you need to use multiple different volumes and I/O all within same area. This makes it very tiring and annoying to set up, edit or test that what you are trying to achieve is working right.

So example is checking if number of players is 4 or more in an area then kill them or teleport them. This requires putting a sensing volume in the same area as a damage volume or teleport volume. Then if you want different things to happen based on different number of players in the area. This increases the number of volumes all in the same area to achieve this. It’s too much of an annoyance for most people to do.

So instead have a coding volume that you just write preset functions within that allows you to pack multiple existing I/O functions within one single volume.

Sense Trigger → Players => 4 → Kill All Players (Within coding volume area) or → Damage Players 100 (Amount) 1 (Damage over time)
Toggle Door ‘Entry 2’ (Item Name that you set)
Play sound ‘Warning’

All these different functions within a single volume.

Sounds pretty good. Just wondering if it would be viable to do… I imagine it could require quite some work.