Club Titiboo (LC)

Tonda Gossa!

Welcome to Club Titiboo! This is a recreation/remaster of the old GMod Tower Ultimate Chimera Hunt Map made for Little Crusaders!

Includes 4 secrets that are accessible to Knights! The map features a small handful of workshop items, but I tried to keep the workshop items as minimal as possible!

Special thanks to my partner who made the entire underground tunnel system!
All non-tower textures have been ripped directly from the original GMod map and scaled/enhanced by me.


  • Working on setting up IO for breakable walls

:heart: I hope you enjoy your time at Club Titiboo! :heart:

200px-SSBU_Spirit_Ultimate_Chimera β€Žβ€Žβ€ŽPIGMASK


Very faithful recreation, well done!


Looks very accurate to the original!

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Thank you! All of it (except for the basement) is eyeballed off of the original map. My partner built the entire underground bit, and he’s more accurate with trying to line things up 1:1. But overall I think it came out quite nicely!

Oh, this is super cool. Neat seeing old GMT maps get remade.

Looks great =)