Club Penguin nostalgia thread

post some nostalgic images from the most critically acclaimed game of all time



Man, I wish they focused more on implementing more gameplay features. I loved Club Penguin, but the way most of the added content was always just more clothes, furniture, parties, etc made it kinda boring in the long run. That’s what made the stamp update so great in my eyes.
Also, I remember RPing as a prophet trying to unite the warring tribes during that fruit party, jeez.


i found the aspect of talking to people and visiting other igloos to be more enjoyable than the games at the time it was still up, but yeah they should of made a few more to add some variety.


The pineapple igloo from this was epic ngl


that took me back

i remember looking through tescos or something trying to find the promotional ones haha

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oh my god, i fucking loved club penguin, i remember spending so much time on cp. i think i actually had like 3 different accounts on club penguin because i forgot the password to the other 2 lol

i want that game to come back…

The closest I had to club penguin when I was a kid was Moshi monsters and roblox.

Search up Club Penguin Rewritten my dude. Free membership for everyone and surprisingly it’s actually still alive :ok_hand:

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Oh man, I loved playing that tower defense game with robots and stuff. Good times

Also, best music:

Man, I remember that. I always thought the PSA/EPF were the coolest things when I was younger. Those missions you could do were really cool.

For me, the coolest EPF thing was the hydra boss fight, hands down. And the operations (Blackout, even though Puffle was pretty cool from what I’ve read on the wiki). Thing is, back when the missions were still in the game (even though one could probably still find them online?), I couldn’t yet fully read (or speak/write) english, so I ended up doing them 100% according to walkthroughs.

I remember annoying other players with the snowballs