Clothing Styles?

Hi, I was gonna request a few styles but I wanted to make something clear, sorry if this is been answer before but is tower unite still going for the goofy theme or are going more realistic?

I’ve seen in the trailer where someone says the humour of seeing a video game character walk into your apartment won’t be lost but it is going to be like crazy weird wacky body parts with a mix of real life clothing? I don’t understand. If anybody knows, please say because before I make some big thread on clothes that would be cool to have I wanna make sure the game needs/is in the the style for them if that makes sense…


While I don’t believe there’s been a set “theme” that Tower is going for, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to assume that they’re going for the same basic style GMod Tower set out. I’d expect to see a relatively realistic environment with unrealistic items/games/etc. It’s definitely going to be goofy overall (how can you pretend to be realistic when your golf balls wear hats?), but realistic looking things will have their place. Again, that’s just my opinion; I can’t speak for the devs.