Clothing Store?

I was thinking of a stop where you could buy clothing because at the moment you have to go into a menu out of the game just buy a hat or a mask, I was thinking maybe adding a store could make it a bit more “realistic”. I believe we had one in Gmod Towers in Lobby 1.
Below are some spots I think could be made into a Clothing Store:

The store in the second image you posted is planned to be a clothing store in the future, if I recall correctly


The third picture is the upgrade store

Or rather, was
The upgrade stores are being moved to the gameworld ports IIRC

It’s still got the sign. I was under the impression that they removed the store display to stop confusing new players.

why move it to game worlds

because upgrades are for game worlds


Yep. You are correct. Cant seem to find it now but Mac did confirm this here.

This is a good idea