Clock in-game

I guess we have to start from basics, as my last suggestion got rejected.
2 variants:

I see no point. For me I usually have TU in windowed mode, but even if I did have it in fullscreen, there would be no point.


I’d like to know what time I actually play Tower Unite. Not just in main menu, but while playing as well.

I have a thing for in-game clocks, so you get my vote

There’s a clock in the Steam overlay, you know. Just shift+tab and it’s in the top left corner.


Shift + Tab and there’s your time

I’d prefer to just have it in game instead of enabling steam overlay over and over.

(guys, we are discussing about a simple clock in-game, are you serious?)


I don’t see why not, I don’t know why everyone seems to be against it.

Also, may I ask why you have the overlay disabled? I find it useful for getting video URLs.


I think it would be fun if the tower in the plaza would have a giant realtime working clock.


Somehow it reminds me of Club Penguin. And that’s not bad idea, but it had to display time based on your location, not server based.

Not a bad idea, might not be needed, but could be seen as a useful cosmetic feature for some users.


I mean, I don’t really see a point

I guess I do have a large clock always on my screen tho, so I mean maybe it’d be useful for you or something.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a clock on the start menu, I tend to actually look at the time and compare it to the players online. It is a really minor addition though.