Client side media player toggleability

I have encountered multiple times when bowling people trying to force my lane’s media player to play something that ends up being unskippable/unremovable and couldn’t even report on it since it wasn’t loading and it was like a 10hour video that ends up being stuck at 3 hours even if i’ve only just started to bowl .-. so havign the ability to toggle off media entirely on clientside even when in public lobbies would be a god send in my oppinion since it also might prevent being griefed by others trying to play something that may just be an attempt at causing a seizure or might even be earrape videos of high pitched screeching noises.-. and since the video wouldn’t even load up on my end i honestly couldn’t tell what it was since it never even loaded the title and the report function never worked because it never gave the players name it would always just say "added by ‘player’."and nothing else as if it were an attempt to grief or crash the target

This is a bug thats stuck around for an extremely long time. IDK why its only specific to bowling alleys, but its not the result of other people queueing on your lane somehow, they’re sometimes just stuck like that. That aside, having a toggle for plaza media players would be pretty useful since this sorta issue doesnt happen in condos (since you have to turn those on manually)