Client/Server-Sided Actions

Most players hate the fact that there’s a host that usually gets a higher advantage on games like Virus and Ball Race since the movement and actions are very jittery and laggy.

Is it possible to make it so that every individual player uses client-sided movement and actions for maximum pleasure? The data coming from the client can then be sent to the server so that it looks like the players are playing normally.

If people try to cheat by modifying their client-side data illegally or unfairly, then an anti-cheat program may solve that problem. If people are worried about who finishes a level first or who shoots and kills first, then the in-game timer can be used to calculate who acts first.

I hope the devs understand this suggestion and hopefully it can be considered into the game.


Yup. It sucks. Another issue that might have been solved on minigolf maps is that every moving object was synchronized across the network. Dunno if they actually fixed it as I didn’t read about it in any changelog.

I already talked about something related to the issue in this topic: [Dedicated Server] Optionally hosting more "stuff" on the dedicated server

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I can agree with you; dedicated servers would be another great solution to combat the ping problems, but knowing the game’s current status, creating dedicated minigame servers would be difficult. Lag isn’t a problem for minigolf because there’s no “first place” reward, and all it takes is aim and power, which uses the mouse only.


Weapon prediction for Virus is something we are working on.

We are considering some other methods for Ball Race.