Clickable Links in Chat

I wish TU would detect links in chat and make them clickable.

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People posting links to malicious site, not good.
But if you really want to infect yourself, let us select and copy text from the chat.


Maybe: right click link -> choose open link from copy and open -> popup explaining risk -> yes/no

I doubt the steam browser is going to download anything malicious to your pc :confused:


Isn’t this already covered by Steam?

Steam web browser can be infected with adware.

IIRC selectable chat text was implemented but then immediately removed because doing so caused text wrap to break. It may never happen due to issues with UE4’s UI system, but it would be nice if it had a comeback.

How? AFAIK, steam browser can’t download so I don’t understand how it could get infected or infect your PC?

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Perhaps only allow certain url links to be clickable, such as YouTube links, Imgur, etc.

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The Steam Browser doesn’t save anything and can’t download anything.

It’s as safe as it can get and even warns you about malicious websites.

I see no problem with clickable links, other than porn, which probably gets filtered by Steam aswell.

I’ve gotten adware through Steam browser before. It was annoying as heck to get rid of.

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Then don’t click malicious links. Simple.

How would you know if they were malicious links? For all I know, that link is to a screenshot of a secret someone found in the tower.

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First, don’t click shortened links

Second, if you have to, check it via a website

I understand you could do that, but how many people are really going to be that patient? In my honest opinion, the clickable links in chat is helpful, but I don’t agree with it.

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Considering all the other games on steam that have this it’s not a problem also common sense
Edit: It could be made toggible in the options


What other Steam games have clickable chat link.

I believe Garry’s Mod does, in some gamemodes. I like @Jebus’s idea, the ability to toggle it.

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Should be a part of parental controls, I think.

Minecraft has clickable links :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: