City Loft Apartment/ Custom Condo

I’m not sure if custom condo’s are ever going to become a thing but I decided to have a go at creating an apartment.

I can only include one image because I’m a new member so here’s the full album:

It’s still very basic and WIP but finishing it depends on if workshop is going to include custom condos.


Holy shit… Is this using premade assets?

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The city buildings and the two orange lamps are pre-made, I plan to switch them out with custom assets.

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This is really awesome man, I can definitely see myself using this once the workshops up.

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Wow! This is pretty fantastic! Are you making the map layout with static meshes or making the map with the prototype brushes? :raising_hand:

Thanks all! I’m glad you like it so far :slight_smile:

@PoliteWhale It’s currently a mix between the two, I did the basic design mock up with brushes and then started converting it to meshes.

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These are amazing! :grinning:. What did you make this in?

I really hope they do something like this though when their finished working on all bugs and the unfinished features. Being at a beach in the middle of nowhere-land kinda gets bland after awhile.


Yeah what did you make this in and how?

@Vanmax22 Thanks! I’m creating this using Unreal Engine 4 and Blender (Screen shots are from UE4)


@FlammableAce Ok thanks.

I would really love to learn, is there any tutorials or documentation you followed? What parts do you do in blender and how to you import it into UE4?

I’m guessing the glass panels on the top floor, the light fixtures, as well as the cabinet and the center table in the kitchen-ish area are static meshes imported from Blender. Maybe the stairs leading to the upper floor too, and the windows. As far as importing the models from Blender (or really any 3d modeling application), you just export it as .fbx and import it via the import button in the UE4 editor.

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Rad! I would 100% at the very least decorate this condo if it was workshop.

But on completely its own separate merit it’s really cool! Fantastic job.


Putting the Tower back in Tower unite :smiley:

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@CG_Roast Pretty much what @CarbonCopyCat said but some of the beams/posts are also mesh, if you look closely enough in one of the images you can tell which ones are mesh because they have a slight roundness to them.

When i first started I was watching tutorials on YouTube but I quickly found that most of the time it was an unreliable way of learning, the tutorials I was watching only covered certain aspects and I would have to go find another video by a different author who would explain things differently or had terrible quality video/mic.

I ended up buying courses on Udemy when they went on sale for £9, if you’re really interested in learning I 100% recommend udemy courses (especially Ben Tristam courses, he covers everything you need to know and makes it very easy for beginners) EDIT: He also responds to a lot of questions and helps you out if you get stuck via the Q&A feature Udemy has.

Here’s the courses I got while the sale was on:

Blender course:
UE4 / C++ course:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks man!