City Apartment Condo Suggestion

The idea of this new condo is basically a hallway with 3-4 small city apartments that you can decorate for friends or yourself.

It will spawn you in a hallway standing in front of an elevator and you can enter 3-4 different structurally designed small city apartments with windows looking out into the city and togglable lights, each apartment will have a combined living room and kitchen, with a tiny bathroom and bedroom.

I think it would be a good concept for a new condo as its nice and small so it doesn’t require a lot of work, the price would most likely be at least $15,000 due to the size of the actual condo.

The picture below is a good example of what I’m thinking the apartments would look like (furnished or not depends on player preference) nice and small and easy to decorate. (Screenshot taken from a video by John Sandwich, Morning in Splatoon - YouTube)