Citra emulator; time passing

Really loving the emulator update, gives me a chance to play some classics I’ve never played while also giving me Condo exp so what’s not to love?

My question; with the Citra 3DS emulator, is there any way for the emulator to register the passing of real time while inactive? For example, if I start an Animal Crossing game on the emulator, stop, and then come back an hour, is it possible to reboot the emulation with an hour having passed on the system as well as IRL? The reason I ask is because of course games like AC, Tomodachi Life etc rely on real time passing like this to work normally. Any input would be ideal :slight_smile:

I guess in essence, my question is; is there any way to get emulators to act more like real consoles than just picking up where I left off on any given rom?

I’m pretty sure those games just go off of the system clock changing, which should work with citra.