Christmas Milestones?

since halloween had milestones i think christmas should as well.

rewards numberd below.

  1. Throwable present
  2. Holdable Christmas cane (can hit the other players with)
  3. Wearable christmas sack (for the back)
  4. Penguin Morph (sit/walk/run/jump/swim animations along with a waddle dance on loop pressing r)
  5. Fat Harbor seal Morph (sit/walk/run/jump/swim animations along with a seal head bobing dance)
  6. Ridable mount - Reindeer
  7. Pet Robin
  8. Santas sleigh with reindeers (other players can replace the reindeers and help you push the sleigh and fly)

what do you think of my ideas? :smiley:

I think the Christmas cane is already an item from the Christmas shop where you buy stuff with the holiday coins.