Choosing Item Preview for Editing Metadata of Characters.

I started playing this game recently and started porting over models from VRChat over to Tower Unite, it’s been a bit of a hassle to get everything rigged right and ported over. But one main thing that VRChat doesn’t have is external assets such as hats, necklaces etc.

I’ve been playing around with the metadata and it works, problem is that due to the large range of accessories, often times the metadata we create for the accessories don’t fit other accessories, and that’s rather fine. However the problem I’m having revolves around the default presets for items.
A good example is the top hat, it’s rather large and obscuring by default, but it very badly represents for example a cap. The same thing goes for the necklace, which is a tie.

[The Suggestion]
My suggestion therein then is the following;
Let us pick from either a bigger assortment, or the entire assortment of items accessible in the game to test with so we can have a better understanding of what our metadata truly means without having to upload/update our assets in-game. As currently the editor leaves a gap that we have to fix with trial and error and everything that comes with it (restarting / clearing cache to reload our avatars, it’s a hassle really.)

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I’d have posted some pictures, however I’ve already patched out most of the bad metadata through said trial and error, just thought I’d make the suggestion for future creations/creators.

The plan is for a future workshop update to incorporate metadata ‘per cosmetic’
So you can adjust the cat beanie different than the traffic cone for instance, to properly adjust every cosmetic to your model accurately.

This won’t be accessible to the average user tho, only the uploader. So would require the model to be updated as new cosmetics are added.

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