Choose when to respawn (ragdoll mode idk)

like in gmt
when you suicide you should be able to decide when to respawn by clicking or something
sometimes you have a bad day and you just lie around like a dead guy… oh the heart stopped


I was thinking about this a couple days ago.
It should definitely be a thing.

I often found myself in gmt sitting in the lobby as a dead body just watching people come and go, it was nice.

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Something tells me this should be the title of a book.
Hey, I’d buy it if Tower Unite was ever mentioned in it. :smirk:

I’ll wait for someone to design the cover for that book and I’ll use it as a DVD case for my condo.

Sorry to Necro this but has anything been said about this? I had more fun than i should have from flying forward and killing myself. You currently lose all momentum when you try it on TU :frowning:

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it would be found on the trello probably
i can’t find anything about it yet