Chilling on the couch


me chilling on the couch


your condo seems pretty bare-bones


are we going to talk about those other skeletons just walking around your house or the thing thats on your crotch

i mean i hope not


You know what that pose reminds me of?


this was at murtle’s condo he has a pretty nice couch


i used to love that in gmod tower, the hand on the right always gets me.


I actually have this curse that whenever im in a picture my hands do a pose liek that


Oh please stop with the skeleton jokes my funny bone might break from this spineless joke of a post you are BONED if you think you have a BONE to pick with me I mean come on guys these pun are BONED to go no where. Did you see that post it really was BONE chillingly spooky. You may say it was BONED from the start


What you said made by bones collapse.


these puns give me a BONEr


oh… oh my… that is a bit… uhhh…
its you know…


:hand_splayed:[quote=“LittleLuke, post:11, topic:28483”]
these puns give me a BONEr

oh… oh my… that is a bit… uhhh…its you know…ITS FUCKING EPIC MY FUCKEN DUDEHIGHFIVE