Cherry Blossom Leaves FX

I’d love to be able to add falling cherry blossom leaves effects for my condo since I really like how cherry blossoms look and their leaves falling creates an atmosphere I adore.

There is already a falling leaves FX that you can purchase at the celebrations shop, but it’s only for fall leaves, so having one for cherry blossoms and maybe even one for green leaves would make my gardens look all the more magical.

Thank you!

Greyscale it and allow us to set our own colours


That’d be great, but I’d still like separate ones for fall leaves, cherry blossom leaves and so on, as their shapes differ and have separate impacts on a scene. Nonetheless, yes, the ability to color them would be fantastic.


Maybe have a slider in the item’s properties that allows the selection of different shapes and styles

*Though the default style/shape and colour should be Maple leaves in yellow/orange/red


Ooh, like just a general leaves falling FX with different styles for different trees, with the ability to change the colors to fit the mood perfectly… I like that. Good ideas, man.