Check out my game Trial & Error!

Hello! My name is CKlidify! You may know me from my “Everything confirmed for Tower Unite” post and Tower Unite Social Experiments

I am coming here to the Tower Unite community to tell people about the game I am making called “Trial & Error” it is currently up on indiegogo and I need your help to make it a reality!

##So what is Trial & Error?
Trial & Error is a puzzle platformer game where you can use your dead bodies at platforms to progress in the level.

##What can you do in Trial & Error?

  • Play through a full story mode/campaign
  • Play through a custom set of “Time Trial” levels
  • Make your own levels with the built in level editor
  • Share your levels with the world via the Steam Workshop
  • Die on red spikes to leave your dead body as a platform
  • Die on purple spikes, but not have your body linger
  • Play a co-op campaign with a friend
  • Earn Steam trading cards
  • Earn Steam achievements

##Why am I on indiegogo?
I need the money raised from the indiegogo to be able to afford the proper software to make the game for PC, Mac, and Linux, and to hire the right people for help with music and graphics, and to afford the one time fee for Steam Greenlight.

##Can I download the game now!?
Yes! There’s a prototype version of the game available right now here! [PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL GRAPHICS, SOUND, AND MUSIC ARE 100% PLACEHOLDER AND WIL CHANGE IN THE FINAL GAME]

Please consider taking the time to check out the indiegogo and maybe even pledging some money! It would mean a lot to me!


Looks interesting. However, the exact same mechanic is used in Life Goes On

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I’ve had someone else tell me this and I was somewhat upset to hear that my idea wasn’t 100% original. But, Trial & Error has some things that Life Goes On doesn’t have, such as a level editor and multiplayer. Nevertheless, thank you for the comment and hope you still consider pledging or sharing with your friends!

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*DISCLAIMER: Please note that I am only trying to give constructive criticism. I am not in any way trying to discourage development of the game.

First of all, I love the concept. Completing levels by dying in certain ways/places definitely sounds very interesting, fun, and is a unique way to experience platformer games. Sadly, as @Hydra said, it uses the same mechanic as Life Goes On. Yes, it does have features like multiplayer and a level editor, but, the game in itself is just lacking content. I personally feel like this game needs to be worked on more before starting campaigns, as there’s nothing really that drives me to want to pledge / buy the game. Now, don’t get me wrong, I ADORE 8-bit styled games, but, this just really seems like a quickly made prototype. I know the assets of the game are a placeholder. Trying to sell a concept that has already been made into a game, is not really a thing that I like. This game certainly has potential, but personally, I feel there is no real reason to back the project in it’s current state.


Thank you for the comment and I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND why you wouldn’t want to back the game due to another game having a similar gameplay style. The game is in the earliest state possible at the moment and we still have to implement:

  • Low grav zones (areas that have low gravity)
  • High grav zones (areas that have higher gravity)
  • Dead zones (Areas where you can die and leave a body as a platform on demand)
  • Repeat zones (areas that, once you enter them, make you only move at the speed and in the direction you entered the zone in)

Now, I’m not the one who wrote up the indiegogo page, my friend who is helping me out with the development of the game did. So for some reason this information wasn’t included on the indiegogo and I’ll add it after I post this.

If you STILL don’t want to back the project, that’s fine, I fully understand where you’re coming from! Thank you for reading.

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