Chat Filter Update Request

I could’ve sworn it had been removed from the filter at some point, but I’ve just learned that “autistic” and “autism” are still censored, regardless of filter setting. Couldn’t find anything on the forums when searching about it just now, either, so;

I understand that this may be because gamers are kinda assholes and still use it as an insult, because they apparently can’t think of better insults, but a number of my friends ARE autistic, and aren’t able to talk about it and their experiences and whatnot with it in-game, and would appreciate it being removed from the filter.

Autism is not a bad thing, nor a slur, as much as jerks online want you to believe it is. Please consider removing it from the filter.

Thank you!

Just bumping for hopefully some dev acknowledgement.

There’s also a few other words that are censored regardless of filter setting, but I’m not sure I should suggest them or not, being that they are reclaimed slurs.