[Chat] Emotes/Smileys

I searched for it, but didn’t find anything, so here we go.

Something I personally liked in gmod, was servers with chat mods allowing smileys/emoticons in chat.

I really hope for something like this to be implemented in TU. It could have a small icon below the chat with a pop-up function as well, showing all the smileys and shortcuts to type them in the chat. Could use the ones we have on the forums :wink: because they are neat and cute.

If they were to be added i’d hope to be able to Opt out of the auto correct function
where :) is turned into :slight_smile:
yeah that’s annoying for me. so if it were to be added a option to turn this off would be nice

I used html wizardry to be able to type that since I don’t know how to turn it off
I used the <font> tag to type it
I also used it to type the example tag in the line above.

I was hoping for a forum like function, so something like : wink : :wink: so it’s the same both on the forums and in game


oh yeah that’d be fine for me
I hate how it turns regular text such as :) into :slight_smile: without my consent.
but using :slight_slime: to type :slight_smile: would be fine


Ever since the emoji movie, I kinda want emojis to cease existing.




Silk Icons!!!

Everybody loves silk icons!!!

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Emote support is on the spec list for the new chat. It may release without support, but it will be designed to add it on.


Will it be implemented via Unicode Support?

My dream for emotes in Tower Unite would be if it used the ones in your Steam inventory. Would be pretty nice to be able to use my Slime Rancher Steam emotes.


That’s… actually not a bad idea :thinking:

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I know! I’d finally have use for my Steam Emotes that I rarely use in chats.

People would probably just spam salt though.

Using the TU emotes from your steam inventory would be cool (once they come out).

That’s actually been my goal since we had canvas support. I made a mockup that uses Steam inventory emotes like a year ago, but our chat system we use now just doesn’t support embedded images.


Oh geez! So there’s hope this can become a reality in the end?

Still want slimes the most :smile:

I would be more for twitter’s emojis because I like how the thinking emoji looks like there
Also I imagine google’s slime emojis looking incredibly out of place with the chat, twitter’s are more feasible because they are a bit more simplistic

nah I think they’d fit in more on the forums if they were smaller.
and I think they’d be fine ingame aswell.
Though if we weren’t to have google (blob) emojis (which I do want)
then I think twemoji is the second best option