Im gonna start up charades since I searched for it and didnt see it and even if there was one its probably dead.

So relatively basic, all you need to do is guess the persons above you charade, even if you get it wrong or right, you then make your own, you may use emojis and pictures as long as it is not obvious what it is, there is only two rules, no text in your charade, and no doing a charade that has been done/guessed in the last 20 posts

e.g. bad example :

e.g. better example: +

Anyways, heres mine:
:baby_chick: + :vertical_traffic_light: + :herb:

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wait oh i thought we had to mix but im wrong… end me

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I guess bird pecking? Here’s mine.

Billy Mays but blonde and a girl.


+ +

land down under

:cloud:+ :meat_on_bone: :8ball:

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs

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I’m pretty sure this game doesn’t work without the original posters confirming/denying the answers