[Characters] Sounds

Another suggestion I think would help with the experience of TU, is character sounds.

In gmod in the cinema mod or elevator (I think), you hear characters cough sometimes. I know it’s a small thing, but stuff like this for me, really help bring some charm and realistic feeling into the game.
Also helps when you are alone in your condo. Kinda feels like something is happening and even your character is somehow interacting.

Could be something that only occurs when you’re not moving for a little while.

It might already have been added and I just didn’t notice? Sorry if that’s the case.

Only if you can’t hear your own sounds/it’s toggleable.
Hearing a cough coming straight from my character, while in an abandoned, lone, spoopy building always scares me.
Might be just me though.


Toggable would be better.
But I was thinking something small, not loud. Like a polite cough :blush:

The coughing was definitely from Elevator: Source. We had a watch item that let you cough on demand. It was a joke on being crowded in an elevator with strangers.


Ah i love that!
Hope it can be reused in TU at some point

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