Changing Tower Unite textures? Texture Packs possible?

In games such as Minecraft and many others, you can go into the files and edit textures that show up in game. Will it be possible to go into the Tower Unite files and make our own texture packs? Again, I never made or seen someone make one before, so please note I’m not a genius with this kind of stuff. :smiley:

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be doable. But I know it certainly wouldn’t be as easy as Minecraft. Personally, I don’t really see why one would go through all the effort it would take to do it.

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I was just curious to see if it possible. Maybe there could be an Official Unofficial Tower Unite Fancy Pack later after the release or something cool. :blush:

I have to agree with Caboose in this one. It’s doable, but the difference from Minecraft is that, where in Minecraft everything is based on a square UV Map Texture, UVs in Tower can have various shapes and formats (specially the organic ones, those are awful). I think for that kind of work is almost better to do a whole map to be worth the effort.

I know how much time it would take to make a Texture Pack for Tu instead of Mc, Trust Me. I really just want a Texture Pack that will change some items (such as the orange chair and couch in the current Alpha being changed to red or the arcade cabinets being changed for a 8-bit style). Again, Trust Me, redoing all of Tu map textures would be a pain in my opinion. :astonished:

Considering TU looks pretty sweet, I dunno why any would want to do it.

I’m sure, however, individual textures can be uploaded to and then downloaded through the Workshop.

You do realize you can re-color furniture, and the Arcade Cabinets will have customizable artwork right…

The chair/couch isn’t colorable in the Alpha, will all furniture items have the feature in the future (or did I not notice it actually worked)? And the arcade cabinets, you can change them? Cool. :smile: …Anways, sorry that I didn’t know this stuff. The point is I would be happy if I made a Texture Pack with only a few changes and not the whole map. :blush:

I believe that all furniture will be colorable in the future. Remember, this is ALPHA, we shouldn’t start making plans for Texture Packs to fix things that are literally just in their infancy.

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Yeah, I was thinking texture packs could be thing after release. Thanks for pointing that out, though. :smiley: