Changing the Dragon's flying stamina and jump nerf to a stamina drain

As the title says, changing the Dragon’s flying stamina and Jump nerd to a slow stamina drain could be a better way to fix the dragon’s flying. A slow drain on stamina while flying or after jumping can be less invasive and work just as well to fix the current flying problem the Dragon’s gravity change has brought as the current nerfs to the Dragon’s flying and jumping can. It will still work to fix what ever problem you were having with the dragon’s jump too since it would also start after jumping, also fixing any problems with the dragon bhopping. To put it simply adding the slow stamina drain from running and adding it (or something similar to it) that will activate after jumping or the usage of the wings in the air and deactivates once touching the ground can possibly work better than the nerfs to the dragon’s flying stamina and jumping. (Just make sure the running stamina drain and the flying stamina drain don’t activate in a way that makes the stamina drain twice as fast.)