Changeable Skybox Textures

I got a lot of skybox textures laying around that I wish I could use in Tower Unite and I was wondering how the community would feel about that as well. Of course the main issue that comes up with this is how the weather effects would work with something like that and how the skyboxes colors can light up the convo itself.

Was just something that came to mind.


There’s “skyboxes” on the workshop at the moment, and the idea is that they’re giant spheres with a texture on the inside surface. You can scale them up to something crazy like x100 and it creates the illusion of an alternate skybox fairly well. That being said, official ways to change the skybox would be lovely, whether they be textures from Pixeltail, or letting us upload our own. (Canvas skybox?)


We have a canvas dome that you can blow up to a large scale to make fake skyboxes.

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I mean I was hoping I could do it manually but I guess that will do hah, thanks.