Change the map colours

At the moment the arena is mainly blue, which means that blue players blend in with the surroundings, giving them an automatic leg up on all the other teams. I think changing the blue to a white could work, and maybe shifting colours slightly so that no team stands out than any others.

I think changing the color is a good idea, but I’d think that white would look a little bit bland. Maybe instead of white it does a rainbow effect so it shifts through all colors, giving both red and blue teams and advantage / disadvantage in different periods of time.

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In my experience with real life laser tag, the arena is sometimes split into different coloured quadrants. So one half of the arena is blue, and the other half is red, meaning which team has the advantage/sticks out more is based on where the fight is happening, which I like a lot more, and makes the map a cool component to gameplay. This might also lend well to future mutators or something similar like capture the flag or anything involving each team having a “base”.

To me, the colour changing could be a bit distracting, and white or something similar might be a bit bland and miss the aesthetic.

(Also, while we’re talking about team colours, might as well split the arena into 4 colours to match the teams in the lobby, which I assume are going to be implemented at some point?)