Change the difficulty of the minigame according to the catch

It’s pointless that the fishing minigame randomly chooses a difficulty for every fish you catch, even tough (obviously) some fishes/items should be harder to obtain than others. They’ve already separated common fishes/items from rare ones, which is a good start, but it makes no sense that once you catch the rare one, the minigame is only at Easy/Medium difficulty.

A good reward should be based on how much effort it took the player to obtain it. At the moment, playing a “Very Hard” difficulty minigame, putting your mind and effort to the screen, only to catch common sea junk, almost feels like a punishment to the player, rather than a reward. This is not how it should be.

This could be no easy task, as it might require the devs to rework how the minigame works. Let’s start with the simple one: the minigame should know which reward will be given to the player if it succeeds before it even starts. By doing this, you have the possibility to tweak the difficulty of the minigame based on the rarity of the catch (common = easy, rare = hard and so on). On the other hand, altough it might be time-consuming, you could add a difficulty attribute to every fish object, if you want to have some common items to be more difficult to catch for some reason. It’s also important to note that rare items (orange wireframe) or rare fishes (golden) should not contain any common loot or sea junk, as it kind of destroys the whole purpose of waiting to catch those.

I agree with you, because getting common items from Harder fish is annoying.


I think the biggest problem that I have with this idea is that the amount of EXP you get from fishing is based on the difficulty of the fish. I definitely get Hard/Very Hard fish far, FAR more than I get Rare/Super Rare items/fish from fishing (or at least it feels that way for sure, I don’t actually know for sure).

Therefore, if this suggestion was put into effect, I’m pretty sure the amount of experience you get from fishing would be lowered overall, and that definitely doesn’t need to happen.