Change new lap message from "Lapped!" to something else

I think some new players are confused when they play and they see “Lapped!” since it most games that means someone lapped you, not that you’re on a new lap. I’ve already seen a few friends think this (although theyre loving the game).
I think a good replacement would be “New Lap!” or just simply “Lap #/5” for whatever lap youre on.

Also maybe make this text a bit smaller since it can be a bit distracting in the middle of the screen, its not too bad though.

I’ve gotten used to it, but this is definitely something that confused me when Accelerate was first released. I would definitely prefer it to display your current lap.


Every single new friend I bring in gets confused when that pops up and thinks they double-lapped someone or were lapped. I agree it should be changed for sure.