Change How Connecting to Game Worlds Works


One of my favorite parts of GMod Tower was queuing up for gamemodes and getting to know the people you were playing with. But, with the game worlds being accessible from the main menu (and a couple of them having singleplayer) it doesn’t feel as fun or exciting to play them anymore.

It takes a long time to get games going (besides Minigolf and sometimes Ball Race), and when they do start there usually aren’t that many people in the server.

So, I’m suggesting to remove the ability to host game worlds in the main menu. Instead you could either-

  • queue through the matchmaking,
  • or possibly queue through the pause menu.

Then, while you wait for enough players to queue, you could decorate in your condo or play around in the lobby. You could also see who’s queued up with you from the tab or pause menus, like this:

Then, when the game is ready to begin, it will alert you and every other player in the condos or plazas that it’s about to start.

I believe this will help make it easier to join game worlds and also bring back some of the fun in playing them.

EDIT: I made my suggestion clearer, as I thought I didn’t explain it well enough.

EDIT 2: Another suggestion, for friends only games there could be a button in the main menu to start one and choose which friends to invite.


cough cough


That’s suggesting you join the lobby when you start up TU.

I’m suggesting that instead of picking a server from the main menu, you would queue for game worlds from the main menu as you would in the game world ports.


What you are describing is match making.

We’re currently making the Game World ports a separate server that players can connect to straight from the main menu to match make with other players.


I was suggesting to remove the option to host a server and instead just have the ability to queue up for games.


Now I loved how gameworlds worked in Gmod Tower and I definitely think the games being accessible from the main menu has its obvious downfalls, but I don’t think it should be removed for one reason alone: private games. I miss seeing people queue up for stuff, but not enough that I would sacrifice friends-only lobbies. Sometimes you don’t want random players joining your game, especially if they spam mic, slow down the game, or are just in general unpleasant.


I agree with the friends only servers. Maybe there could also be a button in the main menu to start a friends only game.