Change difficulty on various Ball Race maps

I have played Ball Race for a while now and I honestly think some maps could get a update on the difficulty they have.

For example the following im’ma mention here:

The new update from Midori made the map slightly easier than it was before (It also helped me get the perfect run achievement tho), so IMO the difficulty of that map should be changed from Very Hard to Hard

Memories is another story, but some of the levels are a pain in the rear sometimes, so my suggestion for this map is to change their difficulty from Hard to Very Hard

Woodlands and Paradise might be easy at the start but as you advance on it, stuff can get a bit tricky (Specially that Paradise stage with the half pipes (10 or 11 I think), so my recommendation is to change the difficulty of both from Easy to Medium.

With that said, I hope you consider these ;3

New ball race map when?

I don’t have much issue with Midori or Memories’ difficulties honestly. Most of Midori’s levels still are pretty tough for me to do deathless, not sure I even have the king achievement for it yet. I don’t have as much trouble with Memories as I do with the very hard maps aside from level 11(? whatever the one with the 3 bumpers is), which is a huge difficulty spike and should probably be adjusted a bit.

I definitely agree with Woodlands being Medium though, it has a couple tougher levels sprinkled in that I’ve seen beginners die in many times. Paradise I’m not as sure about but I wouldn’t mind an increase really, I’d maybe put it at a similar difficulty level to Oasis which is also Medium.

memories is definitely way harder than midori, i think it’d be fair if at least that was pushed to very hard difficulty. the amount of areas in memories that depends on you reliably using the gravity repellers and attractors with zero solid ground for those sections is proof enough