Central Plaza (WIP)

I’ve been working on this for a while now so I thought I’d share some screenshots. Everything is still work in progress since earning the units to build this place is a ballache.

Sports Hub (includes football, basketball and volleyball currently)

Sports Hub interior. Has a bar and viewing area.

Outdoor area next to arcade.

Studio Apartment #1 Interior.

Studio Apartment #2 Interior.

So this is all I’ve got to show for now. I’ll also be working on a housing area with much more apartments, an arcade, a parkour course, a cinema and a few more things. Any suggestions are more than welcome. Will probably keep this post updated when I finish more areas!


looks good!

This is really good, it will be great to see it expand as the list of possible condo games expands.


First off I gotta say, this looks incredible and I’m looking forward to a finished version. But how do you manage to work with all those canvases? I’ve seen so many people working with them but every time I try to use them I never get them aligned correctly. Any tips for working on stuff like this?

I use the back of a sandbox to place down canvases, as it’s super large and perfectly flat. (plus it only costs 500 Units!)

I place the sandbox on the back of a canvas, on the very edge (regular ones, not the primitives shapes).

about here :

Then you put another canvas next to it. :slight_smile:

If I’m building a floor, I also put a snap grid (pressing E while dragging the item) of size 10 to perfectly align them.
If I’m building a wall, I generally don’t use snap grid. (it can be inexact sometimes)

Also, be careful with regular canvases if you’re using snap grid!
You’ll have to have them rotated the same way to align them perfectly, as the X, Y and Z axis arrows aren’t placed at the exact center of the item.

If I’m building a roof or a ceiling, there I use canvas cubes, as placing down regular canvases upside down (and any item) is terribly wobbly (idk why).
To build a roof or a ceiling, simply build it as if you were building a floor, but with cubes!

(put the Z axis of the cubes at minimum so it doesn’t take much space)

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


Pretty much exactly this. I use a grid size of 10 to align my canvas cubes, and use regular canvas’ for the floors. I don’t use the sandbox method but you can if you want, it’s all personal preference! Thanks