Center of my screen is blocked by something (possibly an invisible window)

Alright, I have a slight issue that has been happening just since today. The center of my screen is blocked off by something, making that area completely unresponsive to my cursor. I have done some tests, and I am starting to believe that there is an invisible window floating around, because the automatic scrolling function with mouse3 works there.

This is approximately the area. The outside rectangle is the dead zone, the inner rectangle is the area which turns my cursor into that clicking finger (as if I could click that area). However, left or right clicking there does not do anything. This is an issue that always persists, no matter what I have open, so seems like this window always keeps itself in the foreground.
Before this I thought this is caused by a faulty graphics driver, so I tried updating my drivers. Now while this fixed my issue temporarily, it came back shortly after. So this is probably not just some window, but one that is somehow associated with the NVIDIA drivers. I looked around in the nvidia system settings, but found nothing.

Incase anyone has an idea what I could do, feel free to suggest.

Looked around even more, and this is an issue with my antivirus. When my PC starts, it gives me a script error and then produces that invisible window that causes the deadzone. All I gotta find out now is how to fix that script error (I am using Avira Free Antivirus and that one shows an ad about the pro version in the bottom right corner of the screen. Seems like that one fails to show due to this script error.)

EDIT: Ending the ipmgui.exe process solves this problem. I looked around a bit, and I should simply re-install Avira. Gonna try that now and then it should be fixed.

I don’t like avira much i use 360 total security but the most time i don’t use antivirus i don’t really need it

i had this problem and it was the xbox game bar would look like its gone but really it would act as an invisible window.

Uh…this is from 4 years ago

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