Cell Phone actually does something

Maybe if you get a cellphone it can act as a mini TV and you can watch YouTube anywhere or have apps with like minigames on it to pass the time if you are say waiting in a queue for a game.


That sounds really cool :smiley: Maybe it could send messages to folks on your friends list (Even if they are not on?)

A working cell phone was one of the possible options for the community stretch goal. However, it lost to fishing.

It’s entirely possible that it might return in some form one day, however :slight_smile:

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statements like these make me ponder if people would be able to create items like this through workshop implementation.
Would be great to see

I would love it to be combined with the soundcloud api (once finished) so we can listen to our music anywhere and automatically stops when you are in a condo with sound playing or the night club so you don’t always have to alt+tab to pause your music.

Your lame keyboard doesn’t have media keys?

I imagine some simple games such as Snake or Tetris would be pretty fun to pass the time.

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Hook them into the arcade api?

Yeah that could work too.

I would assume a different implementation, like make it feel more like a phone? dunno

But it makes sense to keep them similar, saves a lot of coding resources and games could be easily moved between platforms
think windows 10

It doesn’t :’)