CCTV Cycling/Security Panel

This one’s easy for you guys.

Okay, so it’s pretty obvious that entering a CCTV camera looks WAY better than what shows up on the monitor, ESPECIALLY in low light condos. (Pics below for comparison)

My suggestion is 2 part.

1: When “inside” a camera you’ve accessed manually, add buttons for “Previous Camera” and “Next Camera”, that would allow you to jump from camera to camera. This would allow hosts to monitor several areas at once while keeps the overall load on their system lower.

2: A Security Panel/Board/Console, whatever you wanna call it, that you can place wherever you’d like in your condo most likely a security room, that would access the first camera in your line up and allow you to cycle through them from that location.

Honestly I want them to fix how janky and inconsistent hooking up cameras and TVs to TVs is currently first before anything like this lol

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Why? All they’d need to do is add a keybind for going to next or previous camera in your condo, just like changing channels on TV cycles them on a screen now. It’s a simple thing for them to add. TV links are way more complicated.

Because that isn’t nearly as simple as you’re describing it. How does it decide what order to go in? Will it be accessed with an item? That item needs a model. How will that item interact with I/O? Can you exclude cameras with a whitelist or blacklist?

It’s not as simple as you’re making it seem.

Can go in order based on CCTV name alphabetically/numerically. Also doesn’t NEED a console item to being with, enter one camera then can cycle through them while you’re in one. Again, way easier than trying to fix the screen link/sync issue.

The link/sync issue and the order of the cameras is all tied into the same issue. If I add cycling, I’ll need to fix these issues as well. I’ve been working on improvements to this feature and ways to fix up the sync issues.

Our save data system is getting refined a bit as well to handle the IO events in a proper order so things don’t get shuffled around.